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Home Owners/Mobile Home/Renters Get Your Refund Check

Are you 62 years of age or older? Is your yearly income $40,811 or less in 2005. Are you blind or disabled? If you answer yes to any of these questions you may be entitled to a government refund.

Every year starting on July 1 and ending on October 15th you are able to file for government assistance.

You can go to this website [] and download the form you must submit. Or call 800-868-4171.

If you were 62 years old on December 31, 2005 and receive supplemental security income, you do not need proof of age.

If you do not receive supplemental security income you may choose one of these to send in with your form.

Qualifications For Home Owners: Do Not Send Original Documentation:

Birth Certificate

California’s Drivers License

California Senior Citizens ID Card

Medi-Cal Card

Birth Certificate

Church Baptism Record

Social Security Card

Homeowner’s assistance is one time yearly payment from the State of California. It is calculated by your homeowner’s taxes you pay.

Documentation for Mobile Home Owners:

A copy of the registration cared or the registration billing notice issued by the Department of Housing and Community Development or your property tax bill.

Homeowner’s assistance is one time yearly payment from the State of California. It is calculated by your homeowner’s taxes you pay.

For a Mobile Home Owner you will need to fill out one of these forms. FTB 9000R or
FTB 9000H whichever is needed. If you pay property taxes use FTB 9000H.

How Much Money Will Be Refunded? – FOR RENTERS – From $15.00 – $ 347.50

How Much Money Will Be Refunded For Homeowners/Mobile Home Owners $19.72 – $472.60.

Qualifications for Renters for Refund:

62 years old or older



You lived in a qualified rented residence in California in 2005

You paid more than $50.00 a month rent.

Total yearly income $40,811 or less in 2005.

You can only file for either renters assistance or homeowners assistance – not both.

If you do not have access to a computer go to the library. They have several computers for your use and free of charge.

All the information and any questions you have are on the website []. This website has all the information and more you need to get started and getting your refund.

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Home Owners – Renters Insurance – A Smart Buy

Rushing through Home Insurance Process is not advisable. One of the reason why many people rush through the process of buying home insurance is to get to the fun task of buying furniture they require. But they should be alive to the fact that before rushing through the process, are they getting the coverage they really need? Smartly invested time in buying home insurance may will definitely fetch you smart coverage.

How to be smart then? Well, there is an easy way to do that. Remember, we are fortunate enough to find hundreds of thousands of Homeowners Insurance comes on the net craving a business from you. Of course, you need not go to each one of them and waste time. You must select well-known few of them who already have established their reputation in your area! Yes, these companies will never compromise with their business reputation and thus offer excellent services and coverage. You may say that its good idea to get home insurance from a company you are working with (such as your health insurance company). That may be a good idea, but not always a best. The company you are already working with may have specialized in, say, apropos above example, health insurance, but it may not offer good coverage for home insurance. Without comparing the quotes and coverage, I, for myself don’t feel that it is possible to find out a company offering cheap and the best!!!

Of course the value of your home and coverage you require to keep it safe is also one of the important consideration. One may feel safe with low deductible. Not bad. But keep in mind, higher deductible lowers premium.

So smart shoppers will always compare the home insurance quotes, keep in mind their needs, the coverage they need, the benefits offered by the companies, the reputation of the company in your area, so on and so forth, isn’t it?